Bremark Brooklyn LSV

Unmatched engineering from the ground up provides an elevated level of comfort most come to expect from vehicles that provide a timelessly elegant look. Test drive a Brooklyn today and experience the Bremark difference.

Detailed Specs

Front Brakes Hydraulic Disk Brakes
Rear Brakes 7 inch Mechanical Drum Brakes
Drive Motor Direct Drive 48 Volts 3-Phase AC, 17.5 HP
Transaxle Double Reduction, High-Speed Gears
Electrical System 48-Volt DC
Batteries Bremark 110 amp Lithium Pack 48V DC or Lead-Acid Battery Available
Battery Charger On-Board Delta-Q
Speed Controller SEVCON. Gen4 450 Amp Continuous
Steering Rack and Pinion
Chassis Aluminum I-Beam Automotive
Body Finish Automotive Paint
Interior Material Marine-Type Vinyl
Carpet Marine-type Synthetic
Forward Speed >15 MPH (Electric Golf Car) and <25 MPH (LSV Low Speed Vehicle)
Braking Distance (From 20mph) <9 Feet
Available Seating Configuration 2, 4, 6 passengers.
Overall Length 138 inches
Overall Width 42.5 inches
Height to Top of Windshield 71 inches
Wheelbase 65.5 inches
Ground Clearance 5 inches
Weight ( Standard Vehicle No Batteries ) 738 lbs.
Weight ( Standard Vehicle with Batteries ) 1,180 lbs.
Weight ( GVWR ) 2,000 lbs.
Front Wheels 17 x 7 inches
Rear Wheels 17 x 7 inches
Front Tire Size 215/35 R17
Rear Tire Size 215/35 R17
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